How to write a research paper

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Different universities give research paper writing assignment to the students. Usually, some students are allotted the various topic and they work in a group. But more important fact is to know How to write a research paper. Within a few weeks, the research papers must be completed under the clear guidelines of instructors. There are many styles and method of solving the research papers. Like APA, HARVARD and many others. But every university set its different parameters to solve the research papers.

  • Follow the instructions

It is better to go through the instructions that are provided by the university and follow them to know how to write a research paper perfectly. There are some very common steps which should be taken into consideration. The first and foremost task is choosing one regular topic. It is commonly seen that students are allotted one particular topic in relation to their research paper. In some cases, students are freed and the field is told to them for doing research.

  • Steps

A noteworthy fact is that some steps are there for writing the research paper.  After taking a decision about the topic, the student must be able to work with the thesis statement. In the starting, you have to write the thesis statement. But it is important that it must represent your position in the search. It should also indicate about the type of paper that you are going to write. It should be written at the end of the paragraph. It must not be too lengthy and should be able to give a clear idea.

  • Research

The next thing is doing enough research in the sector of study and asks mentors how to write a research paper. You must be able to come up with the latest figures and analysis. It is important to utilize the study that you have done. There are various styles of writing about the sources of information and this can be

–    APA

–    MLA

–    Chicago

–    Harvard etc.

Most of the time students are told in advanced to choose one particular type of writing. You should never ignore the instructions that are provided by the instructor.

  • Making a good outline

You should know the fact that making the outline is the next thing that you should come up. After doing the research in the field, you will be able to get several ideas. It is better to know the correct method to present the information. You should also make sure that all the necessary steps are included.


There are several steps but they might be changing as per the subject. Thus you should make sure that every important step must support your research work in the correct way.